All American SUN OVEN Off Grid with Doug and Stacy Edition SAVE $65



All American SUN OVEN®Off Grid with Doug and Stacy Edition Includes:

  • All American SUN OVEN®
  • Multi-Level Dehydrating & Baking Rack Set (set of 3 racks w/parchment paper)
  • Multi-Fuel Water Pasteurizing Indicator (WAPI)
  • Sun Oven comes with a digital instruction manual and a digital recipe book.
  • FREE Shipping within the Contiguous US via UPS (please provide a street address)
  • PLUS 2 additional Bonuses
    • Doug and Stacy’s Favorite Recipes Booklet 
    • Hanging Turkey Roasting Rack the rack mounts in place of the levelator

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.  You will receive an email with the tracking number the day your order ships.

Watch Doug and Stacy’s most view video about the Sun Oven “CROCK POT THAT USES NO ELECTRICITY”

Watch Stacy and Paul from Sun Ovens International show and tell many ways to use a Sun Oven and save money

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Cook, Bake, Dehydrate or Boil with the World’s Most Universal Power Source… Free Sunshine!

Reaches Temperatures of 360 to 400 Degrees Fahrenheit!

  • Bake, Boil or Steam Foods — Boil or Pasteurize Water!
  • The most energy-efficient way to re-hydrate freeze-dried emergency preparedness foods.
  • Dehydrate Fruits, Vegetables or Jerky!
  • Slow cook or cook in comparable time to conventional stove tops or ovens!
  • Totally Safe — No Danger of Fire!
  • As Portable as a Small Suitcase — Only 23 lbs!
  • Ruggedly Built for Years of Trouble-Free Use!

Everything you need to cook, dehydrate, bake and pasteurize water with the power of the sun.

Multi-Level Dehydrating & Baking Rack Set:
A simple, effective way to use a SUN OVEN to dry and dehydrate with the power of the sun. Three easily stackable wire racks allow up to 3 layers of drying. Use the sun to naturally dry vegetables, fruits, meats, herbs or fish.

Multi-Fuel Water Pasteurization Indicator:
A simple reusable thermometer which indicates when water has reached pasteurization temperature and is safe to drink. Can be used in a SUN OVEN, over a campfire, with charcoal, propane or with any type of fuel you use for heating water.

Hanging Turkey Roasting Rack:
A sun-roasted turkey does not dry out and retains the moisture. The white meat is uniquely succulent, tender, moist and flavorful.
The Hanging Turkey Roasting Rack mounts in place of the levelator, accommodates up to an 18-pound turkey in a baking bag and is curved so it will cradle the bird or roast. 13 in. x 9 in. x 2 in.



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