Covered Oval Roaster




  • 13 in Covered Oval Roaster holds up to 7 lb poultry or roast
  • Unique dimples on the inside of domed lid collect the juices and self-baste the food
  • Graniteware surface is all natural, free of any chemicals, PFOA or PTFE
  • Steel core provides strength, dark enamel color absorbs oven’s heat and provides even heat distribution during cooking
  • Porcelain surface is non-reactive and will not alter the taste, color or nutritional value of your food
  • Metal tool and dishwasher safe
Size: Length: 13 inches, Width: 8 inches, Height: 5 inches
Capacity: Holds up to 7 lb poultry or roast
Country: Made in U.S.A.

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