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In one simple step you can buy enough dry bulk food storage to supply one person with three square meals per day for a full year. Buy 1080 servings of delicious Legacy Premium food storage and enjoy 12 lunch/dinner options plus four breakfast optionsLegacy dry bulk foods are made with premium ingredients to keep you healthy and satisfied, no matter the emergency. Plan for three enjoyable, filling meals/day for an entire year.

Package Information

Total Servings: 1,080
Total Weight: 277 lbs
Total Calories: 431,640
Serving Size: 1.5 Cups


Buy One Year Supply of Dry Bulk Food Storage

Legacy Premium supplies heavenly food storage at phenomenal prices. Buy high quality dry bulk foods at the lowest cost per pound in the storage supply industry. Don’t settle for smaller portions or higher prices. Buy Legacy Premium dry bulk food storage and trust your family’s well-being to the best. Dry bulk food supplies will last twenty-five years or longer on your shelf. Storage foods, along with an oxygen absorber and nitrogen flush, are packed into puncture-proof Mylar pouches.


For a large variety of dry bulk storage foods, buy Legacy’s 1080 serving supply. Enjoy delicious beef stroganoff or chicken a la king. Warm up with chili or take comfort from one of the five savory soups; start your day with vitamin-packed multi-grain cereal. When you buy this dry bulk supply you get a tasty variety of wholesome and vitamin-packed foods. You and your family will have so many options you could never get bored no matter how long you had to live off your food storage.


For a terrific food storage option for families of all sizes, buy the 1080 serving supplyThis enormous amount of dry bulk foods will supplement or complete your existing food supply; when you buy the 1080 package you sustain one person for a year or you can split it up, providing easy-to-make, quality meals at your leisure. Dry bulk storage supply comes in sturdy, stackable buckets to store and preserve your food.

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