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With Legacy’s 1440-serving package of gourmet emergency meals, you get more than a year’s supply of premium freeze-dried food storage. That’s a lot of food insurance for one person, and it’s also enough to feed four adults three meals a day for four months. When you buy Legacy’s year supply, in essence you purchase insurance against your family going hungry in an emergency situation.

Package Information

Total Servings: 1,440
Total Weight: 370 lbs
Total Calories: 575,520
Serving Size: 1.5 Cups


Get emergency insurance with more than a one-year supply of Legacy food storage.

Making an investment in high-quality, long-lasting food storage is much like purchasing a reliable insurance policy. When you invest in Legacy’s 1440-serving supply of emergency meals, you purchase the assurance that your family will not only not go hungry if an emergency arises, but they will be eating nutritious, hearty, delicious food that will sustain and comfort them no matter what the particulars of the emergency.


Included in the year’s supply of Legacy food storage are 12 different tasty lunch/dinner entrees and 4 different breakfast meals. All meals come packaged in Mylar pouches with oxygen absorbers, and all have undergone a thorough nitrogen flush to achieve oxygen levels of 0.11%. The Mylar pouches are then packaged in heavy-duty, lightweight, sealable buckets that can be opened and resealed without affecting the shelf life of the food inside. This meticulous process ensures that all Legacy emergency food will stay delicious and nutritious in storage for up to 25 years. Buying such a long-lasting emergency supply is truly buying insurance for your family’s emergency preparedness.


Join the multitude of happy Legacy customers who have stocked up on the year’s supply of disaster meals and find out for yourself why Legacy is a customer favorite in the food storage industry.

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