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Buying bulk quantities of premium food storage with a long term shelf life allows you to take care of all of your family’s emergency food preparations in one step. When you purchase Legacy Premium’s 2160-serving package of freeze-dried disaster meals, you get a one-year supply of three meals a day for two adults. This comprehensive bulk supply represents the ultimate in family food storage and takes the worry out of mealtime in a disaster situation.

Package Information

Total Servings: 2160
Total Weight: 554 lbs
Total Calories: 863,280
Serving Size: 1.5 Cups


Prepare your family for any disaster with a year’s supply of bulk food storage.

Our 2160-serving package of Legacy’s bulk food storage is an investment in your family’s future safety and security. When you purchase this one-year supply, you get 18 lightweight buckets full of top-of-the-line disaster meals with a long term shelf life. Inside the buckets, packed in sturdy Mylar pouches, you’ll find enough to feed two people three meals a day for an entire year. That’s a lot of food storage and, correspondingly, a lot of peace of mind.


Best of all, this bulk family supply is a mix of all of the tastiest, most nutritious disaster meals the food storage industry has to offer. It includes four different types of hearty, healthy breakfasts, ranging from strawberry creamy wheat to old-fashioned pancake mix. It also includes 12 different entrees, with delicious options like stroganoff, corn chowder, and chicken a la king. With such a variety of meals, you can rest assured your family won’t suffer from meal fatigue during a disaster situation.


In addition, when the time comes to use your food storage, you won’t have to worry about having a can opener on hand, storing spices, or having to grind up bulk grains because Legacy Premium’s meals are extremely easy to prepare. Simply add boiling water, and dinner is ready. As you can see, this one-year supply is convenient, premium food storage at its best.

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