Project Noah

Project Noah is a yearlong food storage and emergency preparedness program designed to help you set and obtain goals in the area of family preparedness. The program is divided into twelve monthly assignments touching on lots of short and long term preparedness subjects including a preparing, a reporting and a sharing segment each month.These lessons are designed to be used in church or community groups focused on self reliance and preparedness. Start your own group and use these newsletters as a reference resource. Many articles will link to previous articles on or other sources. Click for additional information.
Our ELEVENTH month’s lesson focuses on pre-disaster preparations with an emergency car kit. Hiking can be good exercise as well as an opportunity to get away from it all. Do you have a hiking check-list? A college student shares her experiences getting stranded.
What options do you have for communications during an emergency? Money matters are a big part of self reliance. What plan do you have for saving for a “rainy day?”
Our first aid topic asks the question: What natural items can you use as antibiotics?

The non-food items to acquire are Matches and Batteries.
What are your thoughts on preparedness? Reader Lynda Eggimann, from Idaho, shares hers.
We are continuing to collect recipes to prepare using food storage items. What are some of your favorites? You can send your recipes to
How secure are you? Take our quiz.


  1. Pre-Disaster Preparation:

a. Build a car emergency kit
b. Rotate the items in your car kit that can expire
c. If you are a hiker, don’t leave home without essentials; some can  be the rotation from your car kit
d. Review options for communications during an emergency
e. Have an alternate plan to the telephone

2.  Non-Food:
a. How many devices that require batteries do you use?
b. Purchase extra batteries for them
c. Select a single place to keep them
d. How will you make fire without electricity
e. Get some matches and store them safely

3.  Long Term: Rotating food storage
a. Make an inventory
b. Review and remove questionable items

4.  First Aid
a. Learn about the antibiotic properties of herbs and spices
b. Try an essential oil

5. Self Reliance – Money Matters
a. Begin keeping a weekly record of income and expenses
b. If you are spending more than making, it’s time to review expenses – wants vs. needs
c. Set up a plan to pay off debt – more on this next month

6. How secure are you? Take this QUIZ.

7. Salad dressing recipes

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