Project Noah    Project Noah is a yearlong food storage and emergency preparedness program designed to help you set and obtain goals in the area of family preparedness. The program is divided into twelve monthly assignments touching on lots of short and long term preparedness subjects including a preparing, a reporting and a sharing segment each month.These lessons are designed to be used in church or community groups focused on self reliance and preparedness. Start your own group and use these newsletters as a reference resource. Many articles will link to previous articles on or other sources. All issues are available for download here.
Our twelfth month’s lesson focuses on the self-reliance lesson of personal finances with tips on using a budget to control debt.
Essential oils will be expanded for the next few months as we explore their uses in natural healing and more.
EMPs can be a way to return to the past – the days of bicycle transport, no refrigeration and less communication. What would you do?
Most drivers face a flat tire a few times in their lives. Does your car even have a spare tire? Do you know how to change it?
Preserving meat by drying is a way to store it without using additional energy. Did you know jerky can be made in the SunOven®? Try it.
Add these techniques to your Project Noah recipes for making pioneer bread. Do you know how the hoe cake got it’s name?
Studying individual plants is a life-long project. There is more to them than just recognizing the name in a recipe. Marlene Adelmann of the Herbal Academy teaches how to set up you own Materia Medica Journal to establish a more intimate connection with plants, one at a time. This project will help you get up close and personal with herbs.

Billie Nicholson, Editor
May 2017

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