Project NoahProject Noah is a yearlong food storage and emergency preparedness program designed to help you set and obtain goals in the area of family preparedness. The program is divided into twelve monthly assignments touching on lots of short and long term preparedness subjects including a preparing, a reporting and a sharing segment each month. Our plans include learning specific details and techniques each month, and sharing what we’ve learned with family members and others in our communities. Each month we will include these in our newsletter. These lessons are designed to be used in church or community groups focused on preparedness. Start your own group and use these newsletters as a reference resource. Many articles will link to previous articles on Click for additional information.
This second month’s lesson focuses on additional tips for stored water purification and some emergency sources already in your home. In addition to storing food, we will also be reminded to acquire some necessary non-food items. The month’s assignment is to acquire toilet paper. Did you determine how many rolls are enough? Watch for the best price when shopping – and remember double ply requires less paper per use. But wait, what can you do if or when your run out? We’ve got several ideas to help you “go” in comfort even under adverse conditions.
This month’s short term assignment is to work on building a three month supply of normal, everyday foods. Continue to use the meal planning techniques we discussed last month. Let’s work on breakfast menus this month. We will share some ideas.
The long term storage item this month is OATMEAL. We’ll be sharing tips of how to store it, shelf life, recipes and suggestions for ordering.

Preparedness Purchases

  1. When shopping this week, purchase double the ingredients for two extra meals, at least, as you begin to build your three month supply of everyday items. Make a weekly meal plan of two weeks menus before going shopping. Review recipes to assure you get all needed ingredients.
  2. Two to four weeks supply of toilet paper. OR alternative products.
  3. Purchase bulk ingredients for breakfast menu planned this week (hint: so it will last for two weeks) & remember Oatmeal.
  4. Buy extra cans  (#10) of beans & rice to start your long term supply.
  5. One case (at least) of bottled drinking water.
  6. Start the practice of keeping your gas tank no less than half full; fill a 5 gallon can with gas, too. Add Stabil® to prolong shelf life. Double Staybil® lasts 2 years.
  7. $5.00 cash each payday (at least) set aside in your HOUSE (not at the bank).
  8. Big item of the month: a water barrel and/or a water purifying product.
  9. Design or obtain a container for each family member to be used as we begin to build our 72 hour kits next month. It will be easier to begin packing if you already have something to put supplies into.
  10. Buy a clean military ammo can, store in car with emergency prep items inside.
  11. Feel free to follow any inspiration you may have. “Never ignore a prompting.”

Project Noah -Second Month Assignments

1. Pre-Disaster Preparation: Water Storage – Goals
Continue to store water
Locate water storage sources in your home & how to access them

2. Non-Food Items: toilet paper – Goal
Determine how much your family will need for a year – is this doable?
Shop for the best prices and buy what you can afford
Explore alternatives, be self sufficient

3. Short Term: Three Month Food Supply and Menus
Plan breakfast menus and use them
How much is enough for 3 months?
Goal – Make one meal a week from your three month supply menu
Shop for meals for two weeks using your plan and selected menus

Next Month’s topics will be learning about and obtaining tools for utility shut off and contents for a 72 hour kit
Non-food item: hand and body soap, including some recipes to make your own.
Menu planning for lunch menus and recipes.

Billie Nicholson, Editor
June 2016

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