Project Noah

Project Noah is a yearlong food storage and emergency preparedness program designed to help you set and obtain goals in the area of family preparedness. The program is divided into twelve monthly assignments touching on lots of short and long term preparedness subjects including a preparing, a reporting and a sharing segment each month.These lessons are designed to be used in church or community groups focused on self reliance and preparedness. Start your own group and use these newsletters as a reference resource. Many articles will link to previous articles on or other sources. Click for additional information.
Our EIGHTH month’s lesson includes vital records notebook pages to keep your personal information organized. Download your pdf copy to get organized. We are continuing to add items to our 72 hour kits – remember supplies for your pet; keep additional garbage bags on hand. They are also our non-food items this month. In addition to searching for the best buys on what you like to use, plan to include a three month supply. What items have you added to your 72 hour kits for morale boosters? We have some suggestions. Is your garden ready for winter? We have 8 tips.
Tornadoes are nature’s most violent storms. They often develop so rapidly that little advance warning is possible. We’ve included some tornado facts and what to do and where to go if one develops in your neighborhood.
this checklist.
Our long term storage topic this month is sprouting seeds. We will learn which seeds and grains to use for sprouting, tips on how to sprout and use them in your diet.

Project Noah -Eighth Month Assignments

  1. Pre-Disaster Preparation:
    a.  Collect all your vital records,
    b.  Copy and include them in a Vital Records notebook
 Pre-Disaster Preparation:
    a. Add to your 72 Hr. Kit – Garbage bags
    b. Collect some morale boosters
    c. Work out a safety plan in case of a tornado
    d. Put together a disaster kit for your pet(s)
  3. Non-Food Items: Garbage Bags
    a.  Determine how much your family will need for 90 days and for a year – is this doable?
    b.  Shop for the best prices and buy what you can afford
  4. Short Term: Analysis – How are you doing with your preparedness goals?
    a. Add some supplemental items to your food storage to expand your meal options
    b. Collect some of your favorite recipes using food storage ingredients
    c. Review the checklist to see what a great success you’ve had this year so far!
  5. Long Term Storage Item: Sprouting Seeds
    a. Select some seeds to store for sprouting or purchase a can of sprouting seeds, store in a  cool place
    b. Make a batch of sprouted hummus
    c. Sprouting seeds add a touch of life to winter meals, sprout lentils
  6. Winter garden clean up
    a. Drain and put away hoses; cover freezable outdoor spigots
    b. Compost dead plant debrisNext Month’s topics will be: Canning and Dehydrating

    Preparing for hurricanes, evacuations and pandemics

    Short Term Storage: Vitamins, pain relievers and candles

Ribbon bells
As this year comes to a close, we at Sun Ovens International, Inc. wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Billie Nicholson, editor
December 2016

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