Here in Arizona it’s not uncommon to see a jar of “Sun Tea” brewing in people’s front yard. It’s a simple enough process, put some water and a few tea bags in a glass jar, set it in the sun, let it steep for 4 to 5 hours, and you’ve got the perfect brew for iced-tea.

I’ve never made it that way myself, partly because I live with a Brit who thinks cold tea is an abomination and partly because I’ve heard it can be dangerous. Apparently the water doesn’t get hot enough to kill all the bacteria that might be present, especially if you’re flavoring the tea with fresh mint or lemon.

But Brit or no Brit I occasionally enjoy a refreshing glass of ice cold tea on a hot summer day so I use my Sun Oven to make a thirst-quenching pitcher of slow-brewed tea in a fraction of the time. And, just to be on the safe side, I use my WAPI to be sure that it’s bacteria free. To brew tea in your Sun Oven just take a glass jar, fill it with water, add a few teabags, and set it in the cooking chamber. Mine was ready in under an hour.

Use your favorite tea, herbal teas are good too, and flavor it with mint, lemon, or peaches if you like. Keep it in the fridge for a refreshing cold summer beverage.

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