Fall flavors are full on in my Sun Oven this week.

Yesterday it was Apple-Pumpkin muffins and today for lunch we had what I like to call Thanksgiving in a Squash. All you need to make it is a small to medium sized squash, some leftover cooked turkey or chicken, and packaged stuffing mix. The quantities will vary depending on the size of the squash.

Just cut the top off, scape the seeds out, rub the inside with oil or butter, chop the turkey and toss it with the stuffing mix, spoon it into the squash and add a little hot water. Put the top back on and pop it in the Sun Oven until cooked through.

I put mine in a brioche pan, but if you don’t have one – And why would you? I don’t even know why I do- you can use a baking dish or set it directly on the leveling tray. If you trim a little off the bottom of the squash it will stand straight. You can get creative with the fillings too.

During the fall stuffed squash is one of my favorite lunches.

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