I rarely fall for the impulse buy items supermarkets stock near the check-out lane but the whoopie pie spider kit was too cute to pass up.

It looked like something even I could pull off, despite my total lack of decorating skills.

I had every intention of using it before Halloween when an arachnid shaped treat would have been more appropriate. But last week, between the marine layer and a busy schedule, it didn’t happen.

Today I had both the time and the sunshine to do some baking and it turns out I was wrong about part of the project. Even with pre-made eyes and simple to follow instructions, my spider doesn’t look nearly as good as the ones on the box. And since the eyes and the oddly flavored candy legs did nothing to enhance the tastes of the cookies I left the rest of them undecorated. Baking the cookies, however, was easy with the Sun Oven and the baking racks.

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