All-American Sun Oven

The Sun Oven has been selling solar ovens since 1986! We are made in the USA and take quality very seriously. These ovens are truly built to last. You can take this oven anywhere. From boating to camping, or to keep on hand in case of emergency where you have no electricity. You can bake, boil, or fry just about anything in this oven.

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SunOven Oven Sunflair Oven
Heat Temp. 400 Degress F 300 Degrees F
Adjustability Adjust to follow sun Cannot adjust
Warranty 15 Years 1 Year
Weight 22 lbs 5.2 lbs
Cooking Capacity 4-10 Meals 2-3 Meals
Heating Time Quick to Heat Moderate Heating Time
Cooking Style Bake meals like a regular oven Cooks in foldable foil
Size 19" X 19" 20" X 16"
Durability Last 30 years Made of fabric and foil
Cost $389 $140
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