Most people are skeptical when I tell them that solar cooking is very convenient. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, convenience was the last thing I expected to get when I first purchased my Sun Oven and I’m still a little in awe at how easy it is to use. But like anything new, it does require breaking old habits and building new ones, which may not seem so convenient at first. It takes time to figure out which parts of the yard get the most sun and how that changes throughout the year, and, for most of us, it takes time to get used to getting dinner in the oven much earlier in the day. Weather patterns come into play too. Oddly enough, in Arizona it’s the summer weather that can cause the most headaches. This time of year, locally know as the monsoon season, means cloudy skies (and hopefully thunderstorms) almost every afternoon. It’s not a good time of year to leave the Sun Oven unattended all day. But there’s still plenty of morning and midday sunshine to prepare a solar cooked dinner that can be gently reheated, storm or no storm.

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