Bacon! It seems like everyone loves bacon. But before I had a Sun Oven it was something I rarely ate at home. I hated the way the smell permeated the entire house and nine times out of ten I burnt it to beyond a crisp. Maybe that explains the unpleasant aroma. With the Sun Oven bacon is easy. However, it’s still an occasional food around our house; so much so that if I don’t cook the entire package in one go the uncooked portion will likely spoil. Luckily, cooked bacon will keep in the fridge for about a week and because it already cooked it easily finds its way into soups, salads, and sandwiches. I’ve even started saving and using the fat. Use two baking pans, with or without racks, to fit a full pound of bacon in the Sun Oven. Cross-stack them on the leveling tray. Bacon is on of the few things that can burn in the Sun Oven so start checking on it after half an hour or so. Take it out as soon as it’s ready. The top tray will cook a little faster. Don’t let its bacony goodness cause you to forget about the bottom one.

Bacon! and Cat!


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