Solar cooking in the summer months, especially hear in the South West, can be and all day affair. If you get your Global Sun Oven out early you can enjoy a solar cooked breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Start with some solar oatmeal. When that’s ready get a nice pot of split pea soup going. Cook some veggies on the lid to go with it; make enough for your dinner side dishes too and you’ll be way ahead of the game. When the soup comes out, pop in some chicken or maybe some BBQ pulled pork. It may seem odd at first to be doing all your prep work in the morning, but you’ll have the entire afternoon to go about your business while your dinner simmers away in the GSO; that’s easy to get accustomed to.

Turn the GSO topside down to get an early start on some oatmeal.

Get a pot of soup going for lunch. Turn the lid upside down and cooks some side veggies on it.

Now your GSO is ready for you dinner and you have the rest of the day off; at least from cooking.

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