I’m always on the lookout for recipes for meatballs that don’t require browning them in a frying pan. It’s messy and at least a few of them, if not more, fall apart in the frying pan. So I was eager to try this straight to the slow cooker or, in my case, Global Sun Oven, version from an old Weight Watchers book. The recipe, as written, turned out to be a bit of a disappointment, but it did give me hope for future batches of no-fry meatballs. The first thing I’d change would be the meat, ground turkey breast is too bland. I’d rather use a few extra points and eat something tasty. I’d also add a bit of oil or butter to the savoy cabbage the meatballs are cooked in for added flavor. Lastly, I’d eliminate the tomatoes; they overpower the sweet, mellow flavor of the savoy cabbage. However, despite all the drawbacks, I was impressed with how nicely the meatballs browned on top, and not a single one of them fell apart. As soon as I perfect the recipe, I’ll post it here.

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