Pie is one of my favorite things. Whenever I go on a road trip I plan my pit stops around Mom n’ Pop eateries that bake their own. My dream job is to become the traveling pie critic for the New York Times. But I only step up to the challenge of creating my own crust once or twice a year, so the first time I baked a pie in my Global Sun Oven I did so with a bid of hesitation. It’s such a special occasion food that I didn’t want to take any risks; I’m glad I did.

Solar baking is perfect for pies. The crust comes out golden and flaky and if the filling bubbles over, as it alway seems to do for me, clean up is a cinch. Just use a garden hose to wash out the cooking chamber after it cools down. Currently my favorite pie crust recipe is Martha Stewart’s all butter crust. Click here for her recipe.

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