Our St. Patrick’s day dinner suffered a rain delay. The picture above is from a few years back. That is one drawback to solar cooking; holidays need back up plans. Yesterday, and most of today, the weather was wet, cloudy, cold, and miserable. I could have used an alternate cooking method to prepare the corned beef I had planned and celebrated the holiday with the rest of the world, but it took me until today to come up with one. A slow cooker would have been the obvious choice for such a rainy day. The only problem – I don’t own one. I got rid of the one I did have because it took up too much room and I hadn’t used it in years. All the recipes I could find for stovetop or conventional ovens took hours. I didn’t want to be stuck at home all day or leave the house with a gas appliance on so they were not an option. I’ve only made corned beef twice in my life and always in the Sun Oven. Without the sun I was at a loss. Maybe that’s why I completely forgot about the pressure cooker, or maybe it’s because I hadn’t used that in over a year either. Pressure cooker corned beef is o.k. but not as good as Sun Oven corned beef. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for next year.

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