Suzanne Borges

I wanted to maximize storage options in our new broom closet but didn’t want to add another “honey-do” list. We do too much digging under cabinets and through boxes to find things, so most storage items aren’t going to help that. My first idea was door hanging shelves, but they might be noisy and tall items could fall off. My problem was also complicated by the fact that the broom closet’s door is only 19-1/4″ wide. I am blessed that the door has no knob on the inside and two magnetic catches. As long as what I found allowed for door closure without too much weight, I was good to go. Last night at Walmart I found my solution in the closet accessories area — a hanging shoe bag. For $9 I have what I want.

Storage Remedy

Storage Closet Remedy











Billie Nicholson, Editor
February 2015

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