Who uses Sun Ovens

Who in the USA uses a SUN OVEN®?

    • Outdoor Gourmets endeavoring to expand what they can cook and improve the taste of what they cook.
    • Home Bakers enabled to bake on stifling summer days without heating up their kitchens.
    • Environmentalists looking to Green their lives by saving energy.

  • Residents of storm prone areas insuring they can cook when the power is out.
  • Teachers seeking to create an authentic learning experience to teach about science the environment and the needs of the developing world.
  • Slow Food Movement Members looking for an eco-friendly method to cook good, clean and fair food.
  • Vegetarian Community seeking safe natural cooking for their healthy food choices.
  • Campers craving unique camp cooking opportunities, or the ability to cook in fire prone areas where open flames have been banned.
  • Boaters yearning to improve their menus without spending the whole time in the galley.
  • Hunters wanting to improve the flavor and moisture of game.
  • Food Preservations naturally drying and dehydrating to create sun dried foods.

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