Over the years that I’ve been using my Global Sun Oven I’ve come up with countless creative ways of stacking all sorts of baking pans to make the most of the space in the cooking chamber. Some attempts were more successful than others; the main issue was always slippage.

In fact, apart from a batch or two of tomatoes per year, I’d pretty much given up on solar food dehydrating. It was just too much hassle to fit enough stuff in the Sun Oven to justify tying up it for a whole day.

So, of course, as soon as I received my set of Sun Dry Dehydrating Racks I had to put them to the test. So what if it was already noon and the only produce I had on hand were three tiny apples. I had a new toy and I wanted to play with in now. Turns out I only had enough fruit for two layers and enough remaining hours of sunlight to get the job half done (I finished up the next day), but I could see right off the bat the slippage was a thing of the past.

The racks fit snuggly on top of each other and leave plenty of room for airflow allowing both layers to dry out at the same rate. The hardest part is keeping the Sun Oven from overheating, get distracted for too long and it will easily reach 200F or more, even with the glass door propped open. It’s a good idea to set a timer and check on it every half hour or so.

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