I can’t remember the last time I had to clean my regular oven. I use it so rarely that it doesn’t get dirty. That’s just another little perk of Sun Oven ownership. And cleaning the Sun Oven is easy, so easy that I usually get Mark to do it.

To keep your Sun Oven in tip top shape simply wipe away any moisture that may have formed before closing it up for the night and leave the glass door unlatched to allow any that you may have missed to escape. Clean the reflector panels and the door with a glass cleaner, and take care of any spills promptly. Most spills can be cleaned up in no time with a garden hose.

A properly maintained Sun Oven will last a lifetime, if you don’t believe me come to Tucson’s annual solar pot luck (the next one is in April 2012), I saw a few there that looked like they’d been through the wringer, doing just as good a job as ones that looked like they’d just come out of the box.

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