When a recipe begins with sauteing I usually do that step the traditional way; on the stove indoors. Once all the ingredients are in the pot I transfer the dish to the Sun Oven to complete the cooking. However, it is possible to saute using the Sun Oven. Here’s how. Set the Sun Oven out to preheat for at least 20 minutes with the pot inside. When it has reached 300ºF (approx.) add the oil or butter and then the vegetables. Leave the pot uncovered and close the glass lid. Vegetables in the Sun Oven will saute almost as quickly as on the stove; be careful not to let them burn.

Soffritto (pictured above) is the Italian equivalent to mirepoix, a combination of onions, celery, and carrot, and the base for many Italian dishes. It differs from its French cousin in that it uses olive oil in place of butter and can also contain garlic, leeks, and herbs.

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