As if it wasn’t easy enough to roast a turkey in the Sun Oven, the turkey rack just made it a whole lot easier.
By removing the leveling tray, the Sun Oven’s cooking chamber can accommodate a bird up to 15 pounds, even without the hanging rack. Simply set a trivet on the floor of the chamber, put the turkey in an oven bag, and set it on the trivet.
On a clear, sunny day the cooking time will be comparable to a conventional oven. On a recent sunny day I was able to roast a 14 pound bird that was ready in about 4 hours.
 The hardest part, without the hanging rack, is getting the cooked turkey, with all its cooking juices, out of the oven and on to the counter for carving.  So I was delighted to discover that with the hanging rack, lifting the heavy bird out of the Sun Oven is a piece of cake. It works so much better than any other turkey lifter I’ve ever used that, should Thanksgiving day happen to be too cloudy for solar cooking, I’ll still use it in my conventional oven.

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