When we rented an RV for our vacation a few years ago the two most important pieces of cooking gear I brought along were my Sun Oven and a cast iron skillet. It was the first, and maybe last, time we’d gone rving, but if we ever give it another try I’ll bring them both again. A 10-inch skillet can go straight from the stove to the Sun Oven and vice versa; it can even be used on a camp fire. I use mine almost every day. I do my best to keep it from getting rusty, the one drawback of cast  iron cookware, but every now and then I give it a good re-seasoning. I used to use my gas oven to do the job. It’s a nasty process that stinks up the whole house so recently when I saw a few spots of rust on my favorite pan I decided to use my Sun Oven. The procedure is pretty much the same, use a scouring pad to remove the rust, dry the pan completely with paper towels, coat it with oil (vegetable or canola), then heat it in the Sun Oven for a few hours. Once it cools down wipe up any excess oil with paper towels. Well seasoned cast iron is the only kind of non-stick cookware I use any more. It’s inexpensive and lasts literally forever. I got my favorite pan at an estate sale, it’s at least 60 years old!

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