One good thing about being self employed and working from home is you – occasionally – get to take days off mid-week. One bad thing about it is it’s not really a day off unless you get out of the house. If you try to spend a lazy day relaxing in your own back yard any unfinished work is right there for you to see and you inevitably find yourself taking care of ‘just one thing’ which then leads to another and there goes your day off.

One good thing about living in the Los Angeles area is the beach. One bad thing is the traffic. If you live east of downtown there’s no point in heading home until after it dies down. In other words, after dinner.

Today for the first time I managed to get organized enough to bring my Sun Oven to the beach with us and we were able to enjoy a hot, solar cooked meal as we watched the sunset. I chose a simple, one pot staple – chicken thighs cooked over rice and vegetables – and an easy to assemble cobbler  (made with canned pie filling) for desert. I forgot to check the weather before heading out and I’m glad I did or I might have left the Sun Oven at home. It was slightly hazy. The Sun Oven temperature hovered around 250˚F most of the afternoon (we didn’t get to the beach until 2). But we were in no hurry and by the time sun began to set dinner was served.

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