Chicken and Veggies Roasted in Sun Oven®

Chicken and Veggies

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Winter garden vegetables roasted with chicken are a delight when baked in the Sun Oven®


4 cups torn Swiss Chard       
4 carrots sliced lengthwise       
2 beets whole                             
2 chicken thighs                        
bread crumbs to coat                  
1/2 purple onion
1/2 cup white wine
Salt & Pepper to taste

Prepare in separate pan
1 tsp bouillon
2/3 cup Quinoa
1.5 cup water


Set up Sun Oven to preheat while preparing ingredients. Spritz inside of granite ware pan with olive oil. Tear greens and lay in bottom of pan. Add carrots and beets, leaving space in middle for chicken. We used 2 slices of whole grain bread crumbled in food processor to make fresh bread crumbs to coat the chicken thighs. Clip fresh sage leaves and scatter over contents. Add wine.

In separate pan add quinoa, bouillon and water. Move both pans to the preheated Sun Oven®.

Cook for 2 hours and check with a fork for carrot tenderness and no blood coming from chicken thighs. Serves 2.

Chicken and veggies

Chicken and veggies

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