Botanical Name: Carum petroselinum (AKA: Petroselinum crispum) Common Name: Parsley Family: Umbelliferae (Apiaceae) Ayurvedic/TCM Name: Prajmoda Parts Used: leaves, seeds and roots in some varieties Native Region: Indigenous to the eastern Mediterranean; naturalized...

Materia Medica – Rosemary

Botanical Name: Rosmarius officinalis (dew of the sea) Common Name: Rosemary Family: Labiate (Lamiacae) Ayurvedic/TCM Name: Rusmari/mi die xiang Parts Used: Herb leaves, stem and roots Native Region: Native to Portugal and Mediterranean areas 


Materia Medica – Marjoram

Botanical Name: Origanum marjorana Common Name: Marjoram, lovage Family: Labiatae Ayurvedic/TCM Name: Marwa Parts Used: Leaves & flowers Native Region: Eastern Mediterranean, North Africa, Turkey, Asia Geographic Distribution: It is grown widely in Europe, USA,...

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