8 Reasons for Planting Potatoes

Heirloom Solutions If you could choose just one crop to grow to feed your family in tough times, the potato would be ideal. Potatoes may have a humble reputation, but when it comes to surviving in tough times, they’re superstars. Here are eight reasons why....

Taking Care of Your Garden Tools

Rust is the Enemy A sunny day in February is a great time to begin thinking about your garden. Just in case you didn’t have time to clean your tools before the harsh winter set in, that should be one of the first things you consider. With the exception of the dry...

Winterize Your Garden

We’re always sad to see the plants in our gardens wither and die, but we know that most of what we planted are actually annuals that only live one season. So, as they wither away, be thankful for their produce, save any seeds, and pull the dead plants putting them...

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