Materia Medica – Turmeric

Botanical Name: Curcuma longa Common Name: Turmeric Family: Zingiberaceae Ayurvedic/TCM Name: Haridra, Aushadhi, Gouri, and Kanchani Parts Used: Rhizomes and tuber

Native Region: Southern Asia

Geographic Distribution: China, Bengal & Java, can be grown in pots...

Materia Medica – Ginger

Botanical Name: Gingiber officinale Common Name: Ginger root Family: Zingiberacae Ayurvedic/TCM Name: shringara/vishwabhesaj Parts Used: rhizome Native Region: Asia Geographic Distribution: India, West Indies, Jamaica, Africa, Florida & US, Spain Botanical...

Materia Medica – Sage

Botanical name: Salvia officinalis Common name: Sage Family: Labiatae Parts used: Leaves, whole herb in culinary and medicinal recipes Native Region: its natural habitat being the northern shores of the Mediterranean. Sage is found in its natural wild condition from...

Materia Medica – Lavender

Botanical name: Lavandula augustifolia, Lavandula vera 
Common name: English lavender
Family: Labiatae Parts used: all parts have a fragrance, but the flowers and flower stems are used to extract essential oil Native Region: indigenous to the mountainous regions of...

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