For years we talked about selling our house, buying an R.V. and becoming nomads. We read books on full-time RVing, weighed the pros and cons of a trailer versus a motorhome, and had endless discussions on how we’d finance our adventures. The only thing we never did was try it out to see how we liked it. Renting one costs almost as much as a cruise, and then you have to pay for hook-ups, food, and gas. It wasn’t until we found a deal on a one-way rental from Las Vegas back to Phoenix a few months ago that we got to give it a try.

So, with our GSO in tow we flew to Vegas. I was hesitant about bringing it on the flight.  I was afraid the airline would charge me an oversized baggage fee; in the box it was just within the maximum size. The ticket agent eyed it a little suspiciously, but I’d written the dimensions in big black marker pen on the box so she took my word for it.

It was a short trip. Probably too short to make a decision about selling all our belongings and hitting the road for good. But boy am I glad we brought the GSO. It stayed back at the campsite, happily cooking our dinner, while we went out hiking and sightseeing and everyone that saw it wanted to know what it was. I don’t know if we’ll ever become nomads, but if we do the GSO is definitely coming with us.

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