The typical solar cooking day goes something like this: You put your food in the GSO, turn it every half hour or so, and when the glass starts to fog up you know it’s done. But sometimes, for no apparent reason, the cooking chamber starts to fog up long before the food is ready.

The excess moisture build up lowers the cooking chamber’s temperature and opening the glass door to quickly wipe off the condensation isn’t very effective. Unlatching the glass door or placing a small stick between the door and the gasket helps, but sometimes that’s not enough.

In a quest to find a way to solar cook bolognese sauce I stumbled upon an alternative solution. Through trial and error I found that, if left uncovered, the top layer of the sauce would burn, giving it a harsh, unpleasant flavor. If covered, it would come out watery. Either way, covered or not, condensation was a problem. Until I tried using a tea towel. By covering the pot with a tea towel and leaving the lid slightly ajar I managed to solve both issues. The steam could now escape, keeping the sauce from becoming watery, and the tea towel not only prevented if from burning, but absorbed the excess moisture.

Now on those days I get condensation build up, I just throw in a towel.

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