…or at least the contents of my fridge.

As if the record heat of 102˚F wasn’t enough,  yesterday our power went out.

The cause was a fire at a nearby transformer and the ETA for it to be restored was late this afternoon.

Unfortunately, the way I became aware of the outage was by opening the refrigerator door, wondering why the light didn’t come on, and holding it open just long enough to let all the cool air escape while I fiddled with the bulb.

I knew the milk and other highly perishable foods (luckily there weren’t many) would not fare well in the extreme heat so I went out for some ice.

When I got back from the store my large cooler was nowhere to be found. Enter the Sun Oven.

I don’t know how many times I’ve explained to people that its cooking chamber is a well insulated box. Just like – you guessed it – a cooler! It did a great job of keeping our food safe until the lights came back on.

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