Lynda Eggimann

thoughts on preparednessWhen I began to think how life could change, everything changed.

Imagine your world with a bad toothache, a blister, poison oak, a burn, bed bugs or a howling baby and NO Walmart.  In a world where a small scratch could be life threatening the person with a tube of disinfectant is a hero.  Whether disaster is eminent or not, I don’t know.  But I do know I sleep better when I’m prepared.  So I prepare.


At one time I stored boxes of product from the dollar store and ingredients to make my own laundry detergent and deodorant … but not anymore.

I started preparing before preparing was cool… If I found a sale, I stocked up. I shopped and picked-up extra for storage. I counted and inventoried cans of beans and stacked, labeled and planned meals. But I seldom got around to toothpaste and dish soap.

My thinking has evolved.  I remember tuna cans with rolled cardboard and paraffin for candles, saving lint to make fire starters and filling film canisters with safety pins and matches.  Things have changed since then … Our needs, our family size, our abilities and especially new items available to us.

Here are some of the thoughts that changed my storeroom, maybe they’ll change yours, too.

Food is important, but if you have no way to wash dishes or clothes you will be miserable.  If you can’t brush your teeth or wash your hair, your poor hygiene will soon alter your health.

I recall a time when making homemade soap seemed a little romantic.  But today it seems crazy.  I’m not interested in wringing and rinsing laundry all day or packing water a mile.  Today, if I have to use my preps, I want them compact, safe and easy to use.


It’s impractical to have a product for every issue.  I won’t be able to return products that don’t work, buy ones I’ve forgotten, buy more if I run out or call the Nurse Hotline.  I will have no phone, limited water, disposal and dirty water.  Those issues made me think.

I don’t want to ENDURE… I want to live well with less stuff.  I no longer think how to do without, but how to HAVE all I need.

I take brands, quantity, quality and price seriously because I don’t want an emergency to be miserable.  I want to be the calm in the storm, I want to be of service to others, I want to be clean and healthy and help others be the same.

I’m not thinking “how to cure a rash,” I’m thinking “how to prevent the rash.”  I won’t be the one with drugs for a crying baby. I’m thinking how to prevent diaper rash in the first place.  I don’t want to know how to make my own soap with Lye and ash. I want to know how to NOT make my own soap.

I believe the Lord can only help us if we do all we can.

I don’t know if I’ll ever need my preps.  But I know if collectively, we one day find our lives dramatically changed, I want to maintain civility.  I’m not interested in returning to the dark ages. I want to be among those with light going forward and I want my preps to reflect that.

Lynda Eggimann is the creator of The 90 Day Shoebox. She twitters as Be PreparedU and guest authors as Be Prepared University.  Lynda lives in Idaho with her husband on a small homestead with chickens, rabbits, a wild mustang and Bees.  She is passionate about preparedness and loves to share.

April, 2017

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