Julie Gropp of Our Provident Homestead shared some tips about eating real foods. How about you? Isn’t it about time you started eating real food?

Real food is the basis of our homestead, but that doesn’t make it easy or cheap.

So today, I wanted to give you some tips to save money while eating real food at home.

  1. Don’t waste food-Buy what your family will eat and eat what you buy.
  2. Shop the sales-Take a look at the weekly sales circular from the store you are going to shop at and see what meals you can plan around what is on sale.
  3. Batch cooking-Cook several meals with similar ingredients. That way you can take advantage of bulk pricing.
  4. Use healthy fillers-beans, oats, rice can be used to fill tummies because they are cheap and easily available.
  5. Barter-do you have something in your garden that you can trade for eggs or meat from a neighbor?
  6. Garden & Livestock-eat lots of eggs (if you have laying hens), veggies from the garden, consider meat chickens to eat more real food on the homestead.
  7. Eat less meat-Meat is usually the biggest part of our food budget (especially the good kind) so try to fit several vegetarian meals into your weekly plan to save money.
  8. Keep track of prices and compare-Keep a notebook of how much things cost so that if you come across a sale you will know if it is a good deal or not.
  9. Meal Planning-Come up with a list of your weekly meals ahead of time. This helps you use what you already have in the fridge and make a grocery list so you don’t overspend at the store. Here is the meal planning system I use for our family.
  10. Buy a whole chicken instead of chicken breasts. Eat the meat and then use the bones for chicken broth.

By following these tips and eliminating junk food from your weekly budget, you should be able to increase the amount of real food in your diet.

And believe me, switching to a real food diet is so worth it! So don’t give up!

Read Julie’s original article here.

Billie Nicholson, Editor
March 2019

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