It’s November, which means the Thanksgiving issue of Bon Appétit has arrived with loads of new turkey recipes. Normally I just give it a quick glance; I haven’t been the one doing the cooking on the big day since we started going to my cousin’s place in Scottsdale a few years ago. This year I have no idea what we’ll be doing. It could be just the two of us, in which case we’ll probably have pulled pork and spend the day watching football. So leave it to the folks over at Bon Appétit to come up with not one, but four, turkey recipes that just shout out, “Pick me!”.

Not wanting to wait until the end of the month I decided to give the most intriguing one, Cider-Brined Turkey with Star Anise, a try today. Of course a whole turkey for two is way too much so I cut back on the brining ingredients and used turkey thighs. I imagine the brine would work well for chicken too. Click here for the recipe, very little needs to be changed to cook it in the Sun Oven.

The main dilemma was to baste or not to baste. As we all know, opening the glass door means longer cooking times, but would it come out just as tasty without basting? Plus, I was kind of hoping for crispy skin. In the end I decided not to baste. After all, if I’d made a whole bird it would have been in an oven bag and basting would not have been an option. The result was an incredibly moist, exquisitely season turkey with a not so crispy skin. Even with the soft skin I’d still say this is a keeper. The Asian inspired brining spices give the meat a unique flavor that will go well in sandwiches and salads.

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