Women in the Florida Panhandle have continued to work to create sleeping mats for the homeless using recycled shopping bags. The Emerald Coast Bag Ladies conduct weekly work sessions, creating “plarn” (plastic yarn) out of clean, used grocery bags and crocheting this into sleeping mats. They have an order of 180 sleeping mats for the homeless in this area, and have created 90 so far to fill that request.  The group is on schedule to meet the deadline by the end of the year.

It takes 700 bags and about 100 hours to create each mat. They are made three feet wide and 6 feet long. These light-weight mats are washable, do not harbor pests or parasites, and can be used to keep the sleeper off the ground or used as a blanket to keep warm.

recycled shopping bags


Billie Nicholson, Editor
June 2018


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