WAPIThat’s a water pasteurization indicator.

It is a simple thermometer designed as a transparent tube containing wax. It will float in a pot of water and melt when the water has reached 150º F (65ºC) for 6 minutes. This is the time required to destroy all microorganisms and dangerous pathogens that cause diseases from drinking contaminated water. At most altitudes, water boils at 212º F. It takes as much energy to bring water from 200º F to 212º F as it does to bring the water from the ambient temperature to 200º F. Pasteurizing water uses considerably less energy than boiling it and less than half the amount of time. Using the Sun Oven® to pasteurize water allows alternative fuel to be saved for other uses.

Many people keep a piece of cheese cloth with their emergency preparedness supplies. Pouring water through the cheesecloth will filter out solid impurities before it is pasteurized.

For many years we offered WAPIs which were attached to a nylon cord for use in the Sun Oven®. If you needed to pasteurize water and there was no sunshine, using this design with other forms of fuel often resulted in a melted nylon string. The Multi-Fuel WAPI design can be used successfully in a Sun Oven® or on a campfire, with charcoal, propane, or any other type of fuel.

 WAPIs are resilient

It has a high temperature molded polypropylene case which serves as a carrying case for storage and as a float to enable the WAPI to be submerged in the water to be pasteurized. To use, remove the tube from the storage case and snap it into the hole provided in the bottom, with the wax end up. Place it into the pan or jar of water to be treated. When the wax has dropped to the bottom of the tube, the water, when cool, is safe to drink. The WAPI can be reused hundreds of times. Keep it with your emergency supplies. Our WAPIs are Made in the USA.

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