Are you missing green plants this winter? We were and were wondering how we could solve this, when we saw a photo of green onions growing on a window sill.  Since onions have been being used for years for  health benefits, growing some seemed to be a win-win. Early American settlers, Chinese medicine practitioners, and even the World Health Organization have used onions to treat colds, coughs, and asthma, and to repel insects and maybe a few people, too. Recently, they have been noted to keep blood free of clots and to kill tumor cells.

Winter Window Garden Directions

Starting with a recycled plastic juice jug, we cut off the top and drilled drainage holes in the bottom. The plastic was tough, so we started holes with the drill. From the starter holes we used kitchen shears and trimmed out circles less than 1” in diameter. We made three rows, shifting positions so they were not all in a vertical line. A few pebbles went in first followed by planting soil, filling to the first holes. Onion sets (we used Snowball variety) were positioned with tips protruding out the holes. On top we planted a starter pot of thyme. After a good soaking, the jug took it’s place on the kitchen window sill. The last photo was taken 1 week later. Onions are sprouting and thyme is much happier, too.

winter window garden

winter window garden

winter window garden

Billie Nicholson 2014

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