Why not cook with the Sun?

SUN OVENS International is striving to develop and implement comprehensive solar cooking programs which will radically decrease the developing world’s dependence on fuelwood and dung as the primary cooking fuels, while benefiting the environment, raising the standard of living, and improving the health of the poor worldwide.

The exploding population throughout the developing world has hastened the ever-increasing need for firewood, severely enhancing the degradation of land and creating massive deforestation which often leads to desertification.  This land abuse is not inclined to decrease without giving rural residents another method of food preparation. SUN OVENS International is committed to innovative methodologies which harness the power of free sunlight to decrease a family’s use of fuelwood and charcoal by up to 70%, while improving their quality of life.

SUN OVENS International has been innovative in developing methods of placement, training, and marketing to assist in the positioning of over 75,000 family sized GLOBAL SUN OVENS the U.S. and more than 100 developing countries, and 250 large VILLAGER SUN OVENS in deforested developing countries.

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