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The World of SUN OVENS®

Diverse peoples use SUN OVENS® around the world for many and varied reasons. SUN OVENS® have been adopted by everyone…

    • From governments in developing countries looking for solutions to deforestation – to North American families looking for a way to bake without heating up their kitchens.

    • From women in the rain forests of Africa who can’t find wood to cook with – to deer hunters in North America who love moist venison.

    • From Americans concerned with power disruptions and increasing fuel costs- to Pakistani women who can not afford the high cost of fuel to make their dinner.

    • From ice fishermen in Minnesota baking their catch on a frozen lake –
      to desert dwellers in Kuwait baking lamb.

    • From RV enthusiasts looking for fresh moist roasts – to environmentalists trying to preserve the planet for future generations.
    • From micro-bakeries in Honduras making bread and pastries
      to an orphanage in Uganda feeding hundreds daily.

The one thing they all have in common is that they have all discovered…

that solar energy is the least polluting and most inexhaustible of all known energy sources and it is free.
SUN OVENS® are the Ultimate Solar Appliance and most effective solar cookers available anywhere in the world.

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