Warranty & Life Span

Our warranty is simple. We strive for customer satisfaction. Most warranty claims are handled on a case-by-case basis. If your Sun Oven is broken or defective, please contact us.

Generally speaking the reflectors are warrantied for 15 years to remain reflective and to not rust or corrode. Gaskets are warrantied for 15 years against failure or cracking. The engineered oven container and glass door are pretty resilient and should last for years with proper care.

If along the way you break a part, we do have replacement parts available. Replacement parts are easy to replace in the field with common tools.

Expected Life Span: This is always the hardest question to answer because the Sun Oven has been in production for 35 years and customers are still using them today. So… 35 years or more! Of course, how your Sun Oven is stored, used, and cared for will make a difference. Love your Sun Oven and it will love you for a lifetime.


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